Rep. Steve Scalise Puts Big Tech On Blast

The big suits at Facebook, Twitter and Google are getting nailed to the wall during the recent congressional hearing.

One of the most brutal voices against their monopolistic power and alleged censorship is Rep. Steve Scalise.

“It was very concerning,” said Scalise after the hearing. “Not only seeing some things pointed out they blocked conservatives on just opinions, and yet, the Ayatollah in Iran can say antisemitic things that aren’t flagged, and yet they won’t commit — and I think Senator Cruz asked would you commit to giving us the metrics, the numbers on how many conservatives have you blocked versus how many liberals have you blocked? They have that data. They just wouldn’t commit to showing it. And yet, they sit there and say they want to be transparent. Of course, they don’t want to be transparent.”

And Scalise is absolutely right. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter played rhetorical gymnastics and logical smoke and mirrors to avoid giving direct answers.

The conclusion was clear.

“They want to continue to censor conservatives,” said Scalise. “The bulk of their employees are liberal. They should be running a liberal social media platform.”

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