Rep. Gosar Is Calling For Investigation Into Arizona Voting ‘Accuracy’ Issues

Although most networks and pundits have dubbed Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States, until the vote counts are certified, the state electors will not vote. That is important because some states, including Arizona are still struggling with the accuracy of their final number.

Rep. Paul Gosar, a Republican, is urging the state election board in Arizona to “investigate the accuracy and reliability of the Dominion ballot software,” to ensure the numbers are correct.

“I am calling on @dougducey to call a special session of the AZ Legislature under Article IV of our state constitution to investigate the accuracy and reliability of the Dominion ballot software and its impact on our general election,” said Gosar. “No election results should be certified until a complete audit of the Dominion machine tallies is made.”

Other states are reporting glitches into their software which, in the case of Michigan, was enough to top the scales toward Donald Trump in a single county.

To read more about Gosar’s comments, click here.

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