Rep. Carl: Nancy Pelosi Is a Bully, Not a Leader

The Democrat political machine holds Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi out as a bastion of steady leadership, but the truth is something quite different.

“Nancy Pelosi is in a position — she’s showing everybody she is in control,” said Rep Jerry Carl from Alabama. “There is no doubt she is in control. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to take responsibility for the things she should be in control of.”

Carl said he thinks Pelosi doesn’t understand what leadership is:

Where I think Pelosi is missing it — she’s not wanting to sit down and meet with the Republican side, and let’s try to become one even for a brief moment. That’s not leadership. To me, leadership is trying to bring both sides together. She’s just not a leader. She’s a bully, and there’s a huge difference.

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