‘Quid pro quo’ accusation against Trump has major holes

At this point, most of my readers know how I feel about this manufactured Ukraine crisis which the Democrats have been using to try to get Trump impeached. It’s a desperate attempt that they’re only using because they know he’s going to be very tough to beat in 2020. Incumbent presidents typically win — even Obama managed to win re-election — and Trump has a fantastic economy.

Democrats are desperate. So imagine the disappointment the moment they found out that the most important part of their case has been blown out of the water.

I’m speaking of course about the ‘quid pro quo’ allegations, which basically go something like this: Trump withheld direct foreign aid money to Ukraine, our ally. He then called them up, and got them to manufacture dirt on Biden, knowing that otherwise they won’t get the money they need.

There’s just one problem with that problem , other than not having any actual evidence: It’s provably untrue. In fact — hilariously so. As it turns out, the Ukrainians did not even know that the $391 million had been withheld. That’s right, folks. At the time of the phone call where the alleged impeachment crime took place, the Ukrainian President did not even know that his country was not on track to receive the money.

The funny thing about a quid pro quo is that the other party has to understand the threat. But they didn’t yet know about our decision, and Trump didn’t tell him. There’s no crime. There’s no intent to commit a crime. Nothing.

This should change the entire discussion surrounding this impeachment saga now gripping Washington, D.C. But it won’t, because the media is not going to be honest. They might report this story briefly, but they won’t explain the significance, and they will move on with the rest of impeachment as if this never happened, completely ignoring exculpatory evidence that proves the President did nothing wrong. In other words, it’s business-as-usual for the Washington press corps.

You can read the fully story here.

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