Protestors Storm Cuomo’s Office, Demand Resignation

The state of New York is growing tired of its scandal-ridden Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

“Four protesters were arrested outside New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Manhattan office Wednesday after they blocked incoming traffic along Third Avenue,” reports Fox News.

Cuomo’s approval rating is at a paltry 21% yet he remains steadfast that he will not resign.

The protesters were members of a group called Vocal NY. “Cuomo has failed New Yorkers. He has harmed millions of vulnerable people through public policy — and harmed women in his personal life. His leadership has failed,” tweeted the group.

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4 Responses

  1. By send elderly people with the Covid Virus to nursing homes, is murder of thousands of people. He should be charged in a Court of law for manslaughter, do not let him get away with this. Also his conduct with women needs to be addressed also. He is guilty as far as I am concerned.

  2. Good for Vocal NY! New Yorkers need to continue to push on him to resign, he is a pervert who, along with his a-hole brother, need to disappear.

    I wonder what is between he and Gillabrand that causes her to support him? Get off your knees girl!

  3. The voice of public opine grows louder as the need to remove this failed servant drags it’s feet and only ups the ire of the voters and tax payers…..I want to see Andy on trial answering questions and defending himself in a court of law, I do not want trail by public opine…..Guilty or not, innocent until proven guilty…doctoring public records is a definite jailable offense, let’s have a prosecutor bring the proof…..

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