Proof: Trump Did Not Pressure FDA To Approve Coronavirus Treatment

Because the liberal elites and leftist media can do nothing but assume every move President Donald Trump makes is nefarious and every word he utters is a lie, they obviously believe he bullied the FDA into prematurely approving a coronavirus treatment.

However, there is now definitive proof they are wrong about Trump. Again.

First, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the data was already in the works.

“This convalescent plasma data that came in over the course of the last week was being analyzed by [the National Institutes of Health] and the FDA and actually, as of Friday, [we] were preparing rollout materials for an authorization on Sunday,” confirmed Azar. “So that was already well underway.”

That must be awkward for the liberal Trump-haters.

But Azar did applaud Trump for clearing the way for research to result in productive solutions for Americans’ health. “We’re in an unprecedented pandemic, and President Trump is going to ensure that we get rid of any unnecessary bureaucratic red tape that stands in the way of saving lives.”

To read more of Azar’s comments, click here.

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