Professional Wrestler Puts Shocking Move On Nancy Pelosi…

Let’s get ready to rumble…because a former professional wrestler just put a finishing move on Nancy Pelosi.

Dan Rodimer is running for office and chose a rodeo-themed campaign ad. According to Fox News, Rodimer’s ad shows Rodimer “attempting to ride an ornery bull that a spectator refers to as ‘Nancy Pelosi – the beast!'”

“Texas has big problems,” said Rodimer in his ad. “We need a big fighter to solve those problems.”

To read more about the story, click here.

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9 Responses

  1. LOVE the ad!! Go get ’em, Dan! If I lived in Texas I’d vote for you — but will be happy to donate a little bit to your campaign! God bless Texas and may He save America!! 🙂

  2. Dems lie about voting and cheat during the vote counting. Shoot that was what they did last year when the Dems elected two of the most ignorant and useless people in America to hold the top two positions. Also, the voting machines were the wrong type and those who should have guarded the counting did not do so, and because of that the tally count was way off.

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