Prince Andrew To Permanently Retire Amid Jeffery Epstein Scandal

The Duke of York, also known as Prince Andrew, may be finished as a royal.

According to Knewz, the “royal axe may have officially fallen” on the scandal-ridden Prince “with the British Royal Family reportedly deciding he will never again perform official duties on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.”

The report from Knewz alleged the reason is primarily due to the “notorious affiliation” between the Prince and “the late serial sexual predator and financier Jeffrey Epstein.

A new revelation coming from the just-released Netflix documentary about Epstein’s scandalous and shockingly criminal life of sexual predation indicates that the now-forcibly-retired Prince Andrew was seen cavorting with young women on the financier’s so-called ‘Pedo Island.

Prince Andrew has reportedly hoped to re-enter the good graces of the royal family, but those hopes have completely dissipated.

To read more about the Prince and his scandalous demise, click here.

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