President Trump’s 2020 chances just skyrocketed

The results are in, and the media isn’t going to like it.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A week of strong job approval polls for President Trump has ended with the one survey that sizes up his chances for reelection, and the odds are nearly 60% that he will win a second term.

Betting aggregator put Trump’s chances at 59.99%, and the site shows that Trump has been soaring in the past few weeks, paralleling national job approval surveys including Gallup and the highly watched RealClearPolitics “Trump Job Approval” average.

Even better? His next closest competition, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has only a 16.7% chance of winning.

This isn’t the time to get overconfident. Polls and oddsmaking aren’t a guarantee, as the Democrats found to their dismay in 2016.

It is however, a time to celebrate the downfall of the media as a viable force in American opinion-making. If the mainstream media carried any weight with the American people, Trump would be out of office by now. The fact that he’s not only in office, but thriving, is ample proof that Americans are tuning out the rabid anti-Trump frenzy that is the media today.

I can’t think of anything that would be healthier for the American republic than the complete discrediting of the mainstream media. Thanks to Trump, that’s a reality now.

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