President Trump gives Ford, Tesla and GM the go-ahead for ventilator production

In the battle against the virus, ventilators are the crucial weapon that hospitals fear running out of.

President Trump realizes this, which is why he’s given some of America’s biggest companies the go-ahead to produce them, and fast.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump gave multiple car companies “the go ahead” on Twitter Sunday to mass produce ventilators to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The media has been shamefully partisan throughout the crisis, seemingly more concerned with blaming Trump for the virus that working to fight it. A particular focus of theirs has been to criticize Trump for not forcing companies to produce emergency supplies with the Defense Protection Act (DPA).

But why would Trump force companies into production when he has volunteers to do it?

The Daily Caller:

The official said Trump is using DPA to “drive the private-sector’s response to this crisis.”

A second official categorized the private sector’s response to the president’s call as “overwhelming” and “faster than anyone thought possible.”

At this point, there’s no need to coerce willing companies, so Trump isn’t doing it. Makes sense to me.

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