Poll: Majority Of Republicans Want Donald Trump Back

Some have speculated what lies in story for former President Donald J Trump. The results of the newest poll may reveal an interesting clue as to what the future holds.

“A majority of Republicans want former President Donald Trump to remain active in politics,” according to a CNBC poll. “Nearly three-quarters of Republicans, 74 percent, want him to stay politically active,” commented Breitbart based on the poll data.

It does seem clear that one thing Trump is not doing is starting another political party. “I’ve talked to the president [Trump],”said Republican National Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “I’ve talked to others around the president, who are talking to him every day. He’s not going to start a third party.”

“Democrats overwhelmingly want Trump to entirely remove himself from the political arena, and 81 percent and 47 percent of independents hold the same sentiment,” notes Breibart.

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