Poll: Independent voters tune out impeachment as hearings flop

Nancy Pelosi just got bad news in her quest to impeach Donald Trump and bloody up his political prospects in the future: a plurality of independent voters have tuned out the impeachment hearings.

A poll from Reuters shows that a plurality of independent voters – 36 percent – are not interested enough to even tune in. This is terrible news for Pelosi, since her goal with impeachment isn’t to remove the President – she knows this is not possible.

The goal is to throw a bunch of dirt at him and hope that it hurts him in 2020, or at least voters become fatigued and think changing presidents will end the Democrats’ constant whining.

Even worse for Pelosi – fewer than one in five independent voters have watched any of the hearings.

“So long as this impeachment stays in the echo chamber of hyperpartisan Democrats and their allies in the media and doesn’t break through into the country … we have the advantage,” an administration official told Axios.

The results are clear at this point: the Democrats have not proven a case for impeachment despite front-loading the process with their “best” witnesses. If anything, they have thus far only proven that the “witch hunt” is real, and Democrats don’t have the nation’s best interests at heart.

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