Pelosi says secret impeachment meetings will continue

After Democrats claimed that they had brought their impeachment of President Donald Trump out into the open — and breathless media headlines claiming the same — Nancy Pelosi admitted on Friday that this was not the case and that secret meetings would continue.

Pelosi told reporters for Bloomberg that she would “assume” that there would be something public, but admitted that secret meetings held by Adam Schiff would continue.

Pelosi only admitted this, it would appear, because media reports surfaced claiming that the Democrats were continuing to schedule secret meetings.

This comes just after Democrats passed a motion to begin a formal impeachment proceeding by a vote of 232-196. No Republicans voted for the resolution, but two Democrats did vote against it.

Pelosi had previously said she was not interested in a partisan impeachment. Now, facing pressure from her party’s left flank, she not only supports a partisan impeachment, but supports a partisan impeachment that is being conducted largely in secret, away from the eyes of House Republicans who might be forced to vote on impeachment, as well as the American people.

“We have not made any decisions on if the president will be impeached,” said Pelosi, despite the fact that many Democrats ran on such an impeachment in their liberal districts in 2018.

The fact that Democrats are continuing their secretive meetings tells us two things: first that they have no intention of conducting a fair and open impeachment that allows Trump to defend himself and proves transparency for the American people. And second, the Democrats don’t have enough evidence yet — not that they ever needed evidence.

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