Pelosi Says ‘No More’ To Debating President Donald Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told Joe Biden he should refuse to debate President Donald Trump. Pelosi’s reason is that a debate “dignifies” a conversation with Trump.

Imagine having an opponent they claim is as incompetent at Trump but then claiming Biden shouldn’t debate him. If Trump is as much a buffoon as the Democrats say, then why miss an opportunity to prove it on national television?

What is really goin on here? Pelosi knows what most conservatives know. Liberal ideas aren’t persuasive when held on a level playing field against conservative ideologies. So rather than win in a competition, Pelosi wants to use ad hominem attacks against the opponent.

This is leftism in its purest form. Winning isn’t being the best. Winning is changing the rules and attacking the opponent.

To read more about Pelosi’s idea, click here.

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