Only 38 percent say Trump’s Ukraine call was illegal

Nancy Pelosi received devastating news about her party’s partisan impeachment proceedings: they are bound to become wildly unpopular as time drags on.

A new poll — conducted by the notoriously liberal Associated Press — and released just Friday confirms the worst for Pelosi’s Democrats: only 38 percent of respondents say Trump’s Ukraine call was illegal. Meanwhile, 59 percent say his interactions were, at the very least, legal.

The only thing concerning in the poll was that a lot of people thought it might have been unethical but not illegal. Regardless, this is a much bigger problem for Pelosi for two key reasons.

First, as time drags on Americans are going to become tired of the proceedings, just as they did in 1998 when Bill Clinton was impeached. These numbers are not going to improve for Democrats unless something new drops.

Secondly, impeachment requires high crimes and misdemeanors. Most people don’t believe any crime – at all – was committed. It’s tough to see public opinion galvanizing around removing a President who, by definition, did nothing to warrant impeachment and removal.

But perhaps worst of all, this has all turned attention on the Bidens. And according to a recent poll, 69 percent — nearly seven in ten — say it was “inappropriate for” Hunter Biden “to have a role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was vice president.”

Bad times are ahead for the Bidens and Pelosi’s House Democrats. They dug themselves quite a hole, it appears.

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