‘Undecided’ Voter At Biden Townhall Actually An Obama Speechwriter

Although the Biden campaign tried to pitch Joe Biden’s recent ABC townhall event as a unique opportunity for undecided and moderate voters to ask questions directly to the former Vice President.

But we now know the illusion of subjectivity was a sham perpetrated against the American people with Biden’s willing accomplices in the main stream media.

The proof is that a so called ‘undecided’ questioner was listed as having a background in “communications.”

But the truth is that his communications experience was that he was closely connected to President Barack Obama and in fact was a speech writer for the former President.

Biden appears to be an old pro at hiding things from America as the recent bombshell report from The New York Post seems to show. Despite Biden assuring the nation he did not benefit from his son’s highly paid role at a corrupt energy company in the Ukraine, the newest evidence would appear to prove otherwise.

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