NYT calls on Congress to raise minimum wage

Nearly half of all states raised the minimum wage on January 1. But this isn’t enough for the leftists at the New York Times who, not understanding basic economics, are calling on Congress to force states to raise the minimum wage once again.

The NYT has called for a nationwide minimum wage increase, which would harm small business and stunt economic growth. For Democrats, this is likely a feature — they want Trump to lose in 2020.

The CEO of Job Creators Network was having none of it. Alfredo Ortiz told Fox News that there is a skills gap — not a wage gap — and a growing economy is the way to fix it.

Leave it to a Democrat publication like the NYT to propose a solution that would worsen the problem and kill off the economic growth that is actually fixing the problem as we speak.

Ortiz warned viewers to run from big government solutions. “Run fast and furious when Congress gets involved in anything like this,” he said.

The Trump economy is amazing and it gets stronger every single day. Wages are rising not just for the rich, but for working class Americans as well. And that has liberals and the NYT very, very concerned about 2020.

Read the full story here.


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