New York Times begging Supreme Court to toss out gun lawsuit

It seems that Democrats and their media operatives are beginning to panic about the Supreme Court and its makeup after Trump appointed two Supreme Court justices so far in his first term as president.

The issue at hand, today? A Supreme Court case that could affect gun rights.

New York City passed an ordinance that severely restricted gun owners’ ability to move their firearms from one location to another. A lawsuit seeks to declare this move unconstitutional.

The ordinance has now been repealed. No one could blame the Supreme Court for dismissing the case. It would not be a significant loss. But some justices want this case to move forward as a way to further cement gun rights in America.

The New York Times has now called on the Supreme Court to toss the case — because they, along with the Democrats, know that they are losing. Trump is remaking the Supreme Court.

I’m just glad that for once, the Democrats are the ones playing defense. They’re panicking — and for far leftists who don’t support our constitution, they should be.

Read the full story here.


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