New Report Shows Number Of Gun Purchases Skyrocket

The left leaning liberals may preach til they are blue in the face that guns don’t make people safer, but thank God for common sense Americans who clearly are not buying that load of crap.

While ultra progressives like Beto O’Rourke and now even Joe Biden rail against the Second Amendment, good patriots from the heartland are buying guns at a record pace. But not just the heartland, even New Yorkers are getting in on the trend.

“There were 52,252 background checks performed for people wanting to buy guns in New York. Of those, 31,003 background checks, were for people seeking to buy a rifle,” according to the New York Post.

That is the sound of freedom.

The report shows in New York that citizens are wisely opting for buying rifles to forego the background check delay to buy a handgun.

To read more about the increased number of gun purchases in New York, click here.

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