New Coronavirus hotspots in Louisiana, Connecticut, Michigan and Indiana

One way to determine the next hot spots for the coronavirus outbreak is the rate of positive results in coronavirus tests.

If the rate of positive tests is high, it’s a sign that the infection is rampant in a population. New York and New Jersy, for example, have rates in mid-30% range.

Now, the rates in several other states are ticking upward. MSN News reports:

The rate of positive coronavirus tests suggests that the next “hot spots” could include Michigan, Connecticut, Indiana, Georgia and Illinois, said White House virus task-force coordinator Deborah Birx.

“Michigan, Connecticut, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois — that should tell you where the next hot sports are coming — are at 15% test positive,” she added. “And then Colorado, D.C., Rhode Island and Massachusetts are at 13%.”

Those increased rates are happening as more testing is occurring after weeks of delays.

Hospitals in those states have had more time than New York – let’s hope they’ve taken advantage of it.

The news isn’t all bad though:

Birx said there are “a high level of negatives in states without hot spots.”

“California and Washington remain steady at an 8% rate,” she added.

“So what we’re seeing, finally, is testing improving, more testing being done,” she said.

Let’s hope the rest of the country follows suit.

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