Nation of Denmark says reopening didn’t increase spread of Covid-19

The mainstream media loves Europe, mostly because they hate America. I’m interested to see how they’ll try to discredit the news from that most progressive corner of Europe – Denmark.

Danish officials just made a bombshell announcement – since they started reopening in mid-April, the spread of Covid has not accelerated. 

The Washington Examiner reports:

Officials in Denmark say that loosening coronavirus lockdown restrictions in mid-April has not accelerated the spread of coronavirus.

Denmark began reopening daycare centers and schools for children two weeks ago, followed by hairdressers and other small businesses, and health officials have not noticed an increase in coronavirus cases, according to Reuters.

“There are no signs that the COVID-19 epidemic is accelerating,” the State Serum Institute said, which is responsible for infectious disease preparedness.

This changes everything. If reopening is not accelerating the spread of the disease, why are we still closed down?

Obviously every country is different, and we need to proceed with caution. As the evidence comes in, we need to follow where it leads.

But that’s not what the media hysteria mill is doing. Instead, they’re preaching the doctrine of Covidgeddon, insisting that reopening would lead to disaster, and calling anyone who opposes indefinite lockdowns nazis. That’s not science. It’s pure hysteria.

It’s time for our leaders to start following the evidence, regardless of where it leads.

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