Nancy Pelosi Says She Won’t Tolerate Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic Faith

In a rare display of conciliatory peacemaking, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she will not stand for religious attacks on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The bigger questions will be if she is being sincere or her other fellow democrats respect her decision. From the first round of interviews, I’m not optimistic that the Democrats are going to respect anything about Barrett or the process.

“I think it’s appropriate for people to ask her about how faithful she would be to the Constitution of the United States, whatever her faith,” said Pelosi during an interview. “It doesn’t matter what her faith is or what religion she believes in. What matters is, does she believe in the Constitution of the United States?”

Pelosi said she hopes the questioning focuses on matters of policy:

Does she believe in the precedent on the Supreme Court that has upheld the Affordable Care Act? This is, again, directly related to a major concern of the American people, as it was in 2018. Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare. The three most important issues in this election.

To read more about Pelosi’s comments, click here.

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