Nancy Pelois exposed as the cold-blooded exploiter that she is

The coronavirus crisis has had the effect of shining a light on the true character of many public figures. Some, like Vice President Pence and surprisingly, California governor Gavin Newsom, have impressed.

Others, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been if possible, been exposed as more loathsome than we expected.

Pelosi’s only response to the crisis thus far has been to use it for political advantage. While hospitals are overwhelmed, the economy is sliding into depression, and people are dying, Pelosi sees only the opportunity to hurt President Trump.

In the latest example of such behavior, Pelosi gave an interview to CNN where she doubled down on her myopic focus on Trump. She accused Trump of causing the pandemic (an assertion that would come as news to citizens of the rest of the world) and said he was “fiddling” while people die.

If anyone is “fiddling” it’s Pelosi. Let’s not forget that she held up relief for thousands of Americans so she could insert a Democratic “Christmas wish list” into the relief bill.

While Trump is coordinating a massive national response, Pelosi is sniping from the sidelines and actively holding up relief for America.

She’s a disgrace and should be removed from office immediately.

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