MSNBC Host Calls For Investigation Of Trump

Assuming President Donald Trump doesn’t serve another term, Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC wants to spend more federal dollars investigating him for unnamed acts for which she is angry.

Citing no evidence other than general conclusory statements, Brzezinski went on a wild rant about it will be necessary to pursue Trump:

I think it’s enough with letting things go by. How much are we going to just let just pass by from this presidency, which has come so close to destroying our democracy, more than any other president? And I do think that there needs to be a degree of investigations, and also a postmortem on what happened, and our institutions, where they softened, where they didn’t hold. I think more of a check on the attorney general in the future. That really, I think, showed weakness in our democracy. We need to learn from this so that we never go through something like this again. And I understand, you know, sometimes doing a pardon for the sake of unity and moving forward — this is different. You can’t let all these things go by and just pretend that they’ll never happen again. We have to do something about the many perils that this president put toward our democracy.

That’s a lot of words to not actually have any evidence that suggests an investigation should be required.

But the liberals know a lot bout using a lot of words and having no evidence. **cough** Mueller report **cough, cough**

To read more about Mika’s comments, click here.

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