Mitch McConnell says House Dems about to ‘codify their unfair process’

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hit Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats hard on Wednesday, when he said that House Democrats impeachment resolution was simply going to codify their already unfair process.

McConnell said, “House Democrats’ impeachment resolution would just codify their unfair process.” He went further, saying “No American, the president or anyone else, should be subjected to this kind of unfairness.”

This effectively begins a war between the House and Senate. The House is fairly like to vote to impeach President Donald Trump because Democrats control the lower house. The Senate, meanwhile, is extremely unlikely to vote to remove Trump from office. The Senate is controlled by Republicans.

McConnell is right about the resolution being considered by Democrats and widely expected to pass today.

Unlike past resolutions, it does not give Republicans subpoena power. This prevents them from mounting a proper defense of the President. It further does not allow Republicans much power with regards to the release of transcripts, and even goes so far as to restrict Trump’s ability to defend himself.

With this resolution, the Democrats have made it crystal clear: they are in charge. They will run impeachment. They will control the release and gathering of information. And they will not tolerate Trump trying to defend himself.

The outcome of the Democrats’ impeachment has already been decided, and they will not allow dissent. And this is how they will run the country, if they are somehow able to take the White House in 2020.

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