Mitch McConnell leaves entire month of January open for impeachment trial

As impeachment charges make their way through the House, Mitch McConnell is making preparations in the Senate.

McConnell has now set aside the entire month of January for an impeachment trial.

The impeachment charges are now likely to pass the House, making it likely that Senate Republicans will have to deal with them.

This is terrible news for Democrats running for President who are also in the Senate — the will be stuck in D.C. instead of campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s especially silly from their perspective — they know that Trump will not be convicted and removed. It’s all downside for them.

It couldn’t happen a nice bunch of people. These candidates are radical leftists who have used a hatred of Trump to enrage their own Democrat base for campaign donation purposes.

It would appear that they are now paying the price for their actions.

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