Mini Mike is considering Crooked Hillary as his running mate

Mike Bloomberg has totally forfeited his right to ever call himself a “moderate” again. Gun owners already knew that he was a radical, but now the rest of America is learning the same thing.

In bombshell news broken by the Drudge Report, it appears that the Bloomberg campaign is seriously considering Hillary Rodham Clinton as a running mate.

I could say a million things about this one, but here are the most important three takeaways:

1) Hillary won’t help Bloomberg win the primary or the general election
2) If she’s offered the spot, she’ll take it
3) Bloomberg just exposed his fatal weakness to Trump, and any other Democrat that’s willing to take advantage.

First, despite whatever internal polling the Bloomberg campaign is listening to, Hillary has major negatives and not enough fans to make up for it. She’s hated by the right, and barely tolerated by the left. Whatever support she can muster is likely to be less than almost any other potential VP pick.

Second, Hillary would take the spot if offered, because she is desperate to be relevant again. Politico reports her as saying:

…earlier this month, Clinton told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that she “probably” wouldn’t be asked to be a vice presidential candidate. “Never say never,” Clinton said, but “it’s not going to happen.”

Listen to the “never say never” and tell me that she wouldn’t humiliate herself with the number 2 spot just to recapture a shred of relevancy and another shot at Trump.

Third, the fact that Bloomberg is going anywhere near Hillary shows his weakness. If polling told him to pick a baby-seal clubber for VP, would he do it? The answer, unfortunately for him, is probably yes.

Trump won the presidency in 2016 because he told Americans a story. His passion and talent for firing up the voters overcame the pollsters’ best prognostications. Bloomberg, on the other hand, has the personality of a rubber boot. His reliance on polls, and lack of good political instincts, will be his undoing.

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