Mike Pompeo Is Finished Taking It Easy On China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ratcheted up his language this week as he discussed the need to stop China’s hostile behavior. Pompeo stood in the Nixon Library and urged that America must be done with the “old paradigm of blind engagement with China.”

“We must not continue it. We must not return to it,” said Pompeo.

We opened our arms to Chinese citizens, only to see the CCP exploit our free and open society. Hollywood – the epicenter of American creative freedom, and self-appointed arbiters of social justice – self-censors even the most mildly unfavorable reference to China.

Pompeo said the United States must reject naïveté and be aware of the serious threat that is China. “Today China is increasingly authoritarian at home, and more aggressive in its hostility to freedom abroad,” said Pompeo.

To read more about Pompeo’s statement and the threat of China, click here.

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