Mike Pence Gives Ultimatum To Big Tech Over Censorship And Bias

Vice President Mike Pence make it clear where he and the Trump administration stand when it comes to bias and censorship of conservatives on the platforms of big technology such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

The president has made it very clear that we are not going to tolerate censorship on the Internet and social media against conservatives,” Pence said during a radio interview. “We’re just not going to tolerate it.”

The solution to giving Americans the truth is not to limit their choices but to broaden them. “The great news is there are—in addition to Breitbart—there are great and consistent voices bringing the facts to the American people,” Pence said.

“While many in the mainstream media have been after this president, after this administration, since before our inauguration, it’s been that chorus of voices on the Internet that have brought forth the truth and the facts to the American people,” Pence said referring to the alternative media who reported things the mainstream media would not.

“Whether it be the whole Mueller investigation or the Russia hoax or whether it be the impeachment that was brought forward and rejected by the Senate, it’s been those voices that’s made a difference for America, and we have every confidence going forward that we’re going to make sure the First Amendment rights of people who cherish freedom and cherish what this president has been able to do for this country are preserved, and I have every confidence that with that great army of conservative thinkers on the Internet we’re going to drive toward a great victory come November,” Pence said.

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