Michigan Supreme Court Tells Governor Whitman No

Notorious Trump antagonist, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, is seeking to expand her gubernatorial powers in order to extend executive orders she issued during the beginning stages of the coronavirus outbreak.

However, Whitmer’s power play was just thwarted by none other than the Supreme Court of her own state.

According to Fox News, the court struck down her orders on the basis the law she used to invoke them was unconstitutional:

The conservative-majority court rejected the Democratic governor’s request to delay the effect of its decision striking down a law she had used to keep intact sweeping orders amid the pandemic. The justices voted 6-1 against halting the precedential effect of its Oct. 2 opinion until Oct. 30. They reaffirmed their initial 4-3 ruling that declared unconstitutional her use of the 1945 emergency powers law.

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