McConnell: Rioters Have ‘Hijacked’ George Floyd Protests

As major cities burn due to violent and devastating protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing during an arrest attempt by a Minneapolis officer, it appears that the culprits are not what they seem.

Mitch McConnell says he welcomes peaceful protesters but that violent rioters have ‘hijacked’ the protests.

“Over the last several days, citizens have watched with horror as cities across America have convulsed with looting, riots and destruction,” said McConnell. “On a nightly basis, initially peaceful demonstrators have been hijacked.”

But McConnell wasn’t done. He went on to say that violent crimes had “no place whatsoever” in America:

Americans have watched protests dedicated to ending unjust violence mutate into riots that inflict unjust violence themselves.Free speech and peaceful protest are central American liberties. Looting, rioting, assault and arson are violent crimes that have no place—no place whatsoever—in our society.

To read more about McConnell’s statement, click here.

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