McConnell Confirms: Election Could Be Delayed

Mitch McConnell bluntly stated that there is a good chance the election results could be delated for many months.

While appearing on “Special Report,” the Senate Majority Leader said the delay was impossible to stop, “It could happen,” said McConnell. “I mean, there’s no question that how elections are conducted or decided in each of our states — and some states have adopted an approach to this with regard to the counting of mail-in ballots– that could delay the results. It could happen.”

The primary reason for the delay is that the states have the Constitution right to set their own election counting procedures. “There’s nothing the federal government can do about that,” said McConnell. “If a given state decides to conduct an election a certain way, that’s the way it will be conducted.”

The changing state rules and the addition of increased mail-in ballots promise to add both increased complications and potential delay.

To read more about McConnell’s statements, click here.

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