Mark Levin: Media Is Conspiring To Frame Trump

Mark Levin took a huge risk in his most recent show. Despite the angry and vicious attacks against speech occurring all across the nation, Levin went for the heart of the issue and told his audience the truth.

Levin opened by acknowledging that “anything I say this evening will be used to attack me by the press, the Democratic Party and the Never Trumpers. But I don’t care. I always try to speak the truth and I want to talk to you tonight. It’s a very, very important period in our history.”

But then Levin explained that Trump’s words are not what the media is saying:

I went back and I listened again to the President’s speech, not once — not once, did he incite violence. Not once did the President of the United States say charge the Capitol Building, breach the Capitol Building. He said the opposite about peacefully protesting — peacefully protesting. That’s what he said.

But then Levin dropped the bombshell. He said the media is conspiring to exploit the situation to silence, not just Trump, but all conservatives.

…Their goal is to choke, choke, and choke the system even further and the media are trying to intimidate conservatives and constitutionalists by projecting onto them violence that occurred by reprobates and others who need to be tracked down and punished.

So it seems that the lessons have not been learned. They certainly haven’t been learned by the left. They certainly haven’t been learned by the media, and they certainly haven’t been learned by the Never Trumpers.

Levin is spot on. The media is twisting words out of context and then placing the blame on all who will not burn their villain at the stake.

To read more about this disturbing story, click here.

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