Majority Of Americans Believe They Are Better Off Under Trump Than Under Obama/Biden

The proof is in the numbers and the numbers are coming in good for President Donald Trump.

A recent poll shows that 56% of Americans believe there are better off now under President Trump than four years ago under President Obama and Joe Biden.

Trump didn’t miss a chance to respond: “The Gallup Poll has just come out with the incredible finding that 56% of you say that you are better off today, during a pandemic, than you were four years ago (OBiden). Highest number on record! Pretty amazing!”

“This bodes very well for President Donald Trump as he seeks reelection,” notes Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News. “Right around previous presidential elections when an incumbent has been seeking reelection dating back to the mid-1980s, never has this number been this high — or even at a majority.”

To read more about the poll and its significance, click here.

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