Lindsey Graham Exposes Joe Biden…He’s Lost Control

President Joe Biden may think he was going to slip one by the American people when it comes to his left-wing amnesty agenda, but Lindsey Graham isn’t going to let it happen.

Graham, according to Breitbart News, believes Biden’s “refusal to control the border has wrecked hopes by establishment Republicans for an immigration deal this year.”

Graham’s statement was very clear:

We find ourselves in a situation where there is no way forward until you control the border The Biden administration has created chaos where there was order [under former President Donald Trump]. And the only way we’ll ever be able to sit down with our Democratic colleagues is for us to regain control of the border, and I want to say without any hesitation, Biden has lost control of the U.S. Mexican border. Until he regains control by implementing policies that work, it’s going to be very hard to do the [DACA young illegals] “dreamers” or anybody else. Why? Because … legalizing anybody under these circumstances will lead to even more illegal immigration.

To read more about Graham’s statement, click here.

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12 Responses

  1. he never had control– so what’s new—the wicked witch vice has been running this country since day one–that is why they ripped the country off so they can put her in charge –we are headed for the worst years to come

  2. With all the new coronavirus coming over the borders unchecked isn’t that putting every American citizens lives in danger???… it isn’t that part of the oath the president have to take to protect the American citizens in this country will Joe Biden’s not doing it so shouldn’t he be impeached for putting our lives in danger

  3. Pelosi said in during a tv interview “the boarder crossing is not Bidden’s fault, it is Trump’s”. Get off of it!
    Biden said welcome by promising amnesty to 11,000 immigrants and stopping the boarder wall construction.
    I think Pelosi is also suffering dementia along with Biden. they both need to be in a nursing home.

  4. Biden is a demented fool being led around by the nose by the Communists he polluted his administration with. We must put road blocks up to stop this fool before he does irreparable damage to this great country.

  5. Did Graham finally grow a pair? He had none when it was needed! Most Republicans sat on their heads when that so called election happened and did NOT support President Trump! Then they also blamed him for demonstration and other fake things! Disgusting that some are having growing pains against the Dictators in the White House when they knew this would happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are exactly right. Even with all the election fraud and cheating by the Democrats, the Republicans lack of a backbone and their lack of support for Trump is just as much to blame as the sorry liberal Dems. Graham, McConnell and fellow Rinos only speak up when it doesn’t matter. If all Republicans in Congress had supported Trump in 2016 when we had the Presidency, the House and Senate, can you imagine how great this country would be right now! Certainly a far cry from where we are right now. People like Romney, Cheney, et. al., should literally be run out of the country. Thank God we have some new, CONSERVATIVE, young blood in the House who have backbones and are willing and who know how to fight.

  6. Lindsey is right….and we have, right now, enough proof of the Dems to be the domestic enemy that the Constitution talks about; we need to bring in the military to unseat the faux President and demon minions. President Trump won fair and square were it not for a well planned out scheme to rape the people of our votes for him, we would see him there still. Now we have a communist dictator, who ruins what was good for the nation.
    Now that we see all of the EO’s – the open border…the XL Pipeline shut down, etc. etc. of extremely hurtful policies and agendas we know for a fact that he is doing these things to intentionally destroy the nation. I wonder how much money he and his family were paid to do all these evil things to us? I am praying the good Lord will intercede for us all. Military….NOW!!!

  7. We were told you can buy anything with money, and we believed it. Now we got it. We may have time to change it by the next election, if we can. It will take more than money. We will need more education and trust in the media.

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