Liberal commentator admits: Hunter Biden will have to testify if Dems insist on witnesses

A liberal commentator admitted the obvious: since Republicans control the Senate, Hunter Biden is “going to have to take one for the team” and testify if Democrats are going to get their way on witnesses they want to call.

Elie Mystal, executive director of Above the Law, brought up the idea of having John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney testify in the Senate impeachment trial. But he admitted that there would be a steep cost for Democrats to pay.

“On the flip side … ‘If you get to call your witnesses, we get to call Hunter Biden,'” Mystal said, echoing comments made by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“Man, bring it on! Hunter Biden, come on down,” Mystal continued. “If you want to trade Hunter Biden for Bolton and Mulvaney — please, I have no problem with Hunter Biden being forced to testify. Hunter Biden is just going to have to take one for the team, right? It’s not relevant, it’s not appropriate, it’s part of the Republican shell game … but I will make that trade any day and twice on Sunday,” he said.

Mystal, who is a frequent guest on MSNBC, was asked about other witnesses as well. He suggested that even Joe Biden himself might be called on to testify in exchange for some of these high-profile witnesses.

While Mystal is wrong about Biden’s testimony being appropriate and relevant, he’s right that Democrats will pay a heavy price if they demand dragging the trial out and hauling in witnesses who have no first hand knowledge about the issue at hand.

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