Karl Rove says Trump’s description of al-Baghdadi death was a good thing

On election night in 2016, perhaps one of the most shocked media personalities in the nation was Karl Rove, the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor to former President George W. Bush. A traditional Republican, Rove embodies the establishment.

The 68-year-old Republican helped Bush win two gubernatorial campaigns in Texas and became one of the most famous political consultants of all-time. His connections to the Bush family are legendary, and the source of a lot of criticism from the left. But no one ever really saw him as a ‘Trump guy.’

So when he says something exceedingly positive about President Trump, it’s worth paying attention.

On Monday, Rove went on Fox News and said something shocking: not only was the language that Trump used to describe the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a good thing, but it actually reminds the world about just how evil ISIS is.

“His description is good. To describe who this guy is to the people — to the west — [is] to remind us of the evil that they represent. On the other hand, the most important thing was we killed him,” Rove said during the Fox and Friends broadcast.

On Sunday morning, President Trump addressed the nation. He told his countrymen that al-Baghdadi died without honor. “He died like a dog, he died like a coward,” said Trump.

As of late, Rove has not been what you might call “anti-Trump,” but he’s an establishment guy and has been part of the ‘in-crowd’ for many years. He occasionally tells the President to tone down his rhetoric, especially towards the media. So when he’s defending Trump, you know something truly incredible just happened. That likely explains why Democrats and the media have been highly-critical ever since the announcement was made.

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