Kamala Harris Says Bill Barr Should Resign Over Handling Of Gen. Flynn’s Case

Sen. Kamala Harris announced Bill Barr “should resign” over his dropping of Gen. Michael Flynn’s case.

While appearing on uber-liberal MSNBC, Harris said “This attorney general should resign. He has not been an attorney general representing the people of America. He’s not been the people’s attorney. He has been the hand of Donald Trump.”

Although others have applauded Barr’s action, Harris feels otherwise.

“Let’s look at it. When we talk about the work of the United States Department of Justice, it is supposed to do justice,” Harris added. “Well, when you have an attorney general in Barr, who allows Michael Flynn to withdraw his plea when he pled guilty to two counts that were violations of federal law, that’s not justice. When you look at Bill Barr allowing Roger Stone and reducing the recommended sentence from I believe it was seven to nine years to something like three years, that’s not justice.”

As a former prosecutor, Harris is very familiar with dropping cases when the evidence and investigation are corrupt. But in unsurprising form, Harris is towing the liberal line in front of the 7 viewers of MSNBC. We should expect nothing more from her and her ilk.

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