Kamala Harris Nailed For Cuomo Complicity

Vice President Kamala Harris hailed herself as a courageous champion for the oppressed and a symbol of the power of women.

Now we can see the truth.

She cares nothing about oppressed women and is has no courage to speak to power.

Fox News reports that “Harris is taking heat for staying silent amid sexual misconduct allegations against her fellow high-profile Democrat, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — after crusading against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh following Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against him.”

And her silence is deafening.

“Kamala ascended to VPOTUS by lauding herself as a feminist [and] champion for women [and] girls,” said Karoline Leavitt a GOP spokesperson. “Now, as the most powerful woman in America, she remains silent on an egregious sexual assault scandal because it’s against a political ally … Feminism is a farce.”

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11 Responses

  1. We’ve known all along that this whore is a lying POS! She’s contributing to the bad reputation that the U.S. is getting in the world! I can picture her meeting Putin on her knees!!!

  2. You can tell she’s lying, her lips are moving.
    Oops, can’t tell from the Mask now, maybe she has run Cuomo down and we just didn’t hear it, ha.

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