Kamala Harris Has Horrible Debate Performance, Pence Dominates

In a scorching debate performance, Mike Pence came in hot and didn’t let up.

Breitbart News characterized the Vice President’s display with headlines like “Pence Dominating,” “Pence Torches Biden/Harris,” “Veep Dunks On Plagiarist Biden,” “Pence Busts Kamala On Green New Deal Flip Flop” and on and on and on.

Although the debate was admittedly more organized and civil, there were still heated moments and a few interruptions. But generally, Pence was calm and poised. He had superior command over the subject matter rarely looking his notes. Harris, on the other hand, while not uncomfortable behind the mic, still needed her notes often and could fare no better than parroting the most predictable and discredited talking points against Pence and President Trump.

To read more about the debate, click here.

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