Judge won’t wait for new trial before Roger Stone sentencing


President Trump won’t be happy with the latest news out of the Roger Stone case.

The Obama-appointed judge in charge of the Stone case has refused to delay Stone’s sentencing, despite the fact that Stone has a pending appeal for a new trial, based on the fact that his jury forewoman had a history of partisan and anti-Trump activities.

CNBC reports:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson said during a conference call with Stone’s lawyers and prosecutors that she thought “delaying the sentence would not be a prudent thing.”

I find it hard to believe that rushing ahead to the sentencing phase is more “prudent” than waiting to ensure that Stone’s entirely legitimate request is ruled on.

Jackson herself has a history of imprisoning Trump associates. She gained the president’s ire for her role on placing former campaign manager Paul Manafort in solitary confinement.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that our justice system remains unbiased even in the face of mass hysteria about Trump. Stone and Manafort may very well have committed punishable crimes, but they deserve an unbiased jury just as much as every American citizen.

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