Judge blocks Trump citizenship rule

A San Francisco Judge just did what the judiciary seems to be best at these days: blocked another Trump rule change.

The Judge blocked a Trump rule that did away with subsidies for most immigrants with low incomes who wanted to apply for citizenship. The application fee is only $725 — a sum that most anyone can save up for when it comes to something as big and important as applying for citizenship.

U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney granted an injunction that applies to the entire nation blocking the Trump rule. The lawsuit was filed in Seattle, and the open borders groups suing to stop the rule claimed that the rule “creates a wealth test for citizenship.”

That’s maddening, since American citizens — including poor people — are required to pay fees for different processes all the time. Would this group argue that there is a wealth test for driver’s licenses?

Judge Chesney did not apply her ruling to burdensome government fees that affect American citizens.

This ruling is important for two reasons: First, it shows that Democrats and their allies continue to use the courts to stop Trump. They can’t stop him forever — they will lose most of their appeals. But these appeals take years, and they hope Trump will be out of office by the time appeals are heard.

Secondly, Dems continue to show that they care more about foreign citizens than about American citizens. They want to raise taxes on Americans, take away our health insurance, and make us all dependent on their incompetent Democrat-run government agencies. This is why they can’t be allowed to win in 2020.

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