Joe Biden Makes Stunning Admission About His Future

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been pushed to promise he will ban “assault weapons” if he ever assumed the Presidency.

But Biden has already admitted the truth.

He can’t do it.

According to Breitbart News, “Biden admitted he lacks ‘executive authority’ to ban ‘assault weapons’ when the subject was broached during a December 8, 2020, meeting with civil rights leaders.”

“No one’s fought harder to get rid of ‘assault weapons’ than me, but you can’t do it by executive order,” said Biden. “You do that and the next guy comes along and says, ‘Well, guess what, by executive order…everybody can own machine guns again.'”

Of course, Biden is not singing that tune now he’s still pandering the ultra-left Democrat party. But the fact is he once believed it was an impossible task.

To read more about Biden’s admission, click here.

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