Joe Biden Just Won’t Do It…And America Is Fed Up

President Joe Biden’s administration is coming under intense criticism for its unprecedented lack of transparency on the crisis surrounding the migrant surge at America’s southern border.

At a recent press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told said Biden’s administration is “committed to transparency” and will eventually provide accurate information on the “number of kids crossing the border.”

But that wasn’t good enough and the reporters knew it.

“Why are we still not seeing any images inside these facilities?” said one of the reporters. Fox News noted that Psaki was “first asked about media access to the facilities three weeks earlier.”

“Don’t you find it ironic that they allow cameras in for a meeting between the United States and China in Alaska, and yet they won’t allow cameras in on our southern border? Why is that?” asked Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff.

America doesn’t have answers and it doesn’t look like we are getting them anytime soon.

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25 Responses

  1. He won’t admit that his immigration policy has created a criss and Trumps policy was working that is what he is hiding from from the American people

    1. That old demented Biden is SO screwed up. First he opens the borders to heaven only knows who & what. Now that it is totally out of control…..he’s going behind everyone’s back and ASKING Mexico to PLEASE HOLD BACK THE ILLEGALS! Everybody please pray for this country that we survive the next couple of years until the Republicans can once again take over things and start back on the right track!!

    2. He’s not hiding the fact that Trump’s border policy was working. Anyone paying attention knows this. He’s going on record as the worst president yet!

  2. It will end when the laws of our Nation are enforced. That will not happen under the Biden or Harris administration.

  3. I can’t believe that his own party doesn’t see how bad he is for America. Or are they all as bad as he is? Come on Americans, let’s all stand together to get rid of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and their cronies once and for all.

    1. are you SERIOUS !?? they are democrats ! ALL of them literally hate America ! Unfortunately, the ONLY way to “fix” this may be war !

    2. His own party supports this crap so they’re using him to get it done. Americans will be the losers in the end.

    3. His own party is who are setting the standards. Joe is a useless piece of front that enabled his party to get elected. They knew Bernie Sanders couldn’t win so they pulled in the Trojan Horse. A brainless follower!

  4. Cards, letters, phone calls to the Office of the President, your representatives, your Governor and any one else you can think of. Complaining on the these sites alone doesn’t cut it. If you really care pouring on the pressure, constantly, does work just don’t do it once but keep pouring it. Be polite, be professional but pour on the heat. And give it to the media to.

    1. I mailed some letters yesterday to Pelosi, Biden, and Schumer. I won’t hold my breath until I get an answer, though.

  5. Biden is a puppet! Forget he’s a mentally sick buffoon. Forget he’s a lying criminal. But don’t forget he’s a fraudulent president.

  6. She should come and see for herself the crises at the AZ and TX border towns. Her empty words speak volumes of the lack of knowledge on this issue. Plan and simple.

  7. I don’t believe biden is running the show! I’m not sure who or how many are, but it sure can’t be biden alone! I honestly don’t believe biden is aware of half of what’s being done behind the scene.
    I believe the only way we’re going to see a difference is by voting ALL the dems out of office!

  8. Time to impeach Obama for this stunt and all his violations while in office. We all know he is running the Country under the disguise of a demented Biden and a non elected Kamal Harris.

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