Joe Biden has mental breakdown, starts spouting nonsense on campaign trail

There’s nothing more pathetic than the typical liberal politician when they start talking about firearms, a subject about which most of them appear to be willfully ignorant.

Nothing more pathetic that is, except Joe Biden when he starts talking about firearms. He somehow manages to sound even stupider than the average gun-grabber, and he recently one-upped himself during a campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

In an episode caught on video, Biden proposed a “rational policy” that would prohibit having “20, 30, 40, 50 clips in a weapon.”

Watch the moment:

I’m assuming Biden means “magazine” when he’s talking about “clips.” That’s a classic mistake made by gun grabbers who leave the gun knowledge to their armed bodyguards.

But who on earth has ever seen a gun with 50 “clips” or magazines? What is Biden talking about? Who gave him a microphone?

And who in America thinks that Biden should be trusted when he can’t grasp the basics of what he’s talking about banning?

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