Joe Biden CAUGHT – Evidence Proves He’s Been Lying The Whole Time…

President Joe Biden was just caught lying about COVID vaccines according to a new report from Washington Examiner.

Again this week, Biden said his administration “turned around” a “slow moving program” in regards to the rollout of coronavirus vaccine doses.

“This would be impressive if it were true,” says Becket Adams of Washington Examiner. “Biden inherited a robust program from his predecessor, whose Operation Warp Speed initiative put the U.S. on track to achieve the to-date total of 158 million inoculations even before Biden was sworn into office.”

Adams notes that the efficiency of the previous program was repeatedly undermined by the then-campaigning Biden before the election.

It is “galling when one remembers Biden himself repeatedly undermined public faith in Operation Warp Speed during the 2020 presidential election,” said Adams.

To read more about Biden’s lies, click here.

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9 Responses

  1. That s all Joe and the democrats know how to do is LIE about everything. Evil and destroying America and it s people. They must think we Americans are so DUMB and don t know what they are up to.(I guess they think they are the only smart ones lol DUMMIES)

      1. The swamp and their leaders like Piglosi, Obummer, Clintons, Schumer, Schi//, Rice Whitmer and every demorat in our government are to blame for the ballot stuffing. Without that Biden would have been lucky to have received 25m, we all know what a crook he and his family are but the hate for Trumps success has eaten them alive.

  2. Y’ mean Y’all are so brain dead you didn’t KNOW that the ENTIRE biden “gang”(family would be a VERY questionable term) does NOTHING but lie 24/7/365..There is NO way that trash was “elected” ! Inserted by the commies is far more accurate ! I used to think that allout war would not happen in America. Now, I am no longer so sure !

  3. Joe Biden has a failure for 47years. But stupid people keep voting for this buffoon. He is the greatest danger to America and our freedom and rights. When will you people wake up and demand impeachment for this traitor of America?

  4. Of course he lies. He lied from the first day in office. His campaign promises were nothing buy lies. Even if his party tries to spin it as normal campaign rhetoric, it is still lies. He is killing our freedoms and our country. He needs to be stopped.

  5. Sorry Joeyt I mean all the stupid Democrats that voted for this brainless Crazy Joe are no good and cant be trusted with anything they say. He is not my president and never will be.

  6. OK!! Would You Quit The Melodromma About Everything Joe Biden Does!! You All Are Supposed To Be Journalists, Aren’t You?? Then Do Your Damn Job & Find Out Who The Clone Of Joe Biden Is!! Remember Now, Joe Biden Had Not Been Seen For The Whole Campaign Before The Election!! Then When He Cheated And Got The Election, He Was Still A No Show For Most Everything Going On!! Well Please Check Out ( Two Weeks Ago With David Zublick Narrating About Where The Real Joe Biden Is!!
    Then When You Get That Information, Report It And Blow The Democrats Out Of The Water, Way Out Of The Ocean Type Water!!

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