Joe Biden Called Out For Acting Like Dictator

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell is taking aim at the new President, Joe Biden.

And his aim is true.

“As recently as October, now-President Biden said ‘you can’t [legislate] by executive action unless you’re a dictator,’” said McConnell during a Senate session. “In one week, he’s signed more than 30 unilateral actions. And working Americans are getting short shrift.”

Biden has signed an unprecedented number of legislative orders in the first 9 days — far more than any President in recent history.

Yet, Biden campaigned on healing and unity. I wonder why Biden needs to circumvent the entire legislative process if he cares so deeply about unity?

The answer is of course that he doesn’t. Not even a little bit.

Biden is the smiling face of a nefarious progressive agenda that will use him until they can’t and then the mask will come off.

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