Joe Biden Already Violated His Own Rules

President Joe Biden launched into his presidency with an epic virtue signal of a mandatory mask mandate on all federal property.

The left cheered at his courage to force people to wear masks on federal lands.

There is only one huge problem.

Even Joe Biden isn’t doing it.

John Nolte, from Breitbart News put this way:

As far as His Fraudulency’s mask mandate… Just like pretty much every other Democrat on God’s Green Earth — including His Holiness Dr. Frauduci just yesterday— His Fraudulency is proving that he does not believe masks are necessary. Sure, he signed an executive order forcing everyone else to wear a mask, but His Fraudulency is 987-years-old, was just sworn in as president, and already he’s been caught countless times, not only running around without a mask, but violating social distancing rules.

People who believe masks are necessary to save lives wear masks.

People who believe masks are unnecessary do not wear a mask.

It’s that simple.

And Joe Biden and Jen Psaki and Dr. Frauduci do not wear masks.

Of course, Nolte is referring to the many reports and photos showing Biden not wearing a mask on federal property.

This is the America we live in now.

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