Joe Biden acknowledges voter concerns about mental decline

Joe Biden’s campaign has officially gone from perplexing to tragic.

In his latest public humiliation, Biden promised a Democratic voter at a Nevada town hall that he’d only be a one-term president if his “mental acuity” declined.

Biden hedged by saying that he’s in “pretty good health,” but the acknowledgment was a shocking admission by Biden that the voter’s concerns about his mental health are an issue for his campaign. It was a humiliating moment for Biden, but surprising for no one.

Biden might as well have told voters “don’t worry, if I’m losing it, you’ll only have to deal with it for one term!”

It’s all the more humiliating for Biden because his two top competitors, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, are older than him, but aren’t facing the same sorts of questions. They’re also clearly not struggling like Biden is.

Whether it’s narcissism or cluelessness, Biden’s refusal to see his limitations is getting more and more embarrassing. He needs to quit the race to salvage whatever dignity he has left.

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