Jeanine Pirro Slams Attorney General Barr For Being ‘Deep In The Swamp’

Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro is calling out Attorney General Bill Barr for being too swampy.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and leaders,” began Pirro. “Unfortunately, the Attorney General Bill Barr has proven himself to be anything other than extraordinary.”

Ouch. But Pirro wasn’t done yet. She pointed out that it seemed shady to her that Barr would comment on ongoing investigations.

This week, Barr commented that he has not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. Really? It’s curious, Barr, the head of the DOJ, would affirmatively make a statement regarding a pending investigation.

As a former prosecutor for over three decades, I, and virtually everyone similarly situated know that DOJ guidelines do not allow comments on investigations. They neither confirm nor deny the existence of any investigation. Yet, Barr actually goes beyond that and takes it upon himself in the midst of a presidential election before some states have certified as affidavits alleging fraud continue to come in before electors have even voted — that there is not sufficient evidence.

So why would Barr do that? Why would he not continue an investigation as the evidence continues to come in? Why would he even share information on a pending investigation? It’s just not done.

Her final words called out Barr for being a member of the Deep State Swamp.

“We need answers. We need action. We need justice. And you, Mr. Barr, are so deep in the swamp, you can’t see beyond your fellow reptiles,” said Pirro. “And you are not the exceptional leader needed at this exceptional time in history.”

To read more about Pirro’s comments, click here.

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